Pupil Premium 2021

The Rodillian Academy is committed to investing funding from the Pupil Premium (and, in previous years, the Year 7 Catch-up Premium) to provide opportunities for all students to achieve their full potential. 

 The Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch Up Premium has been, and is spent in an integrated and targeted way, to ensure that students receive the opportunity for additional support and access to learning opportunities. We have chosen a research-based approach and intervention strategies which demonstrates the greatest impact. The progress of students in receipt of this funding is monitored throughout the year at each assessment point and the strategies are monitored and reviewed for their effectiveness. 

The Sutton Trust research indicates that effective support comes from quality first teaching, improving feedback (a whole school focus), reduced class size, early intervention and extending the breadth of the curriculum. 

Parents will know the progress that their child is making through regular reports and Parents’ Evenings. The needs analysis for the Pupil Premium is an ongoing process throughout a student’s education at The Rodillian Academy, which includes: 

  • Transition into the school 
  • Following the publication of school report data 
  • During Pastoral Education Plan meetings for ‘Children Looked After’ 
  • As part of a review of any other plan or provision. 

Furthermore, circumstances for individual students may change, meaning that a needs analysis results in some students becoming eligible for additional support. 

What We Believe In 

At The Rodillian Academy, we believe in narrowing the educational attainment gap. 

  • We believe that it is a priority to unlock the potential of those students entitled to the Pupil Premium and Free School Meals and so narrow any gap between those entitled to this support, and their peers. 
  • We use performance data to identify gaps. Therefore, we seek to identify students at risk of underperforming and challenge those whose progress needs to accelerate. 
  • We aim to intervene effectively, track progress and change approach where necessary. 
  • We aim to listen to students and engage them in dialogue regarding their attitudes to learning. 
  • We aim to develop effective ways of engaging both students and their parents/carers. 
  • Crucially, we do not accept excuses and seek to evaluate, celebrate and share successes. 
  • We communicate the vision of narrowing the gap and provide the drive and commitment necessary to motivate our students. 
  • We should maintain a consistent focus on the key underachieving group of PP/FSM students. 
  • We have a robust tracking system that provides regular, accurate feedback on the progress of students that helps to shape provision 
  • We advocate the development of a Growth Mindset, rewarding hard work and resilience. We strongly believe that any student can succeed. 

At The Rodillian Academy, we have implemented a range of strategies which support the students who qualify for Pupil Premium. No single intervention provides a complete solution to the complex educational needs of any school, and therefore our strategies are as individual as our students are.  Our overarching aim is to close the gap in achievement between those students who are eligible for FSM, LAC and Services Children and those who are not. 

The following examples outline just some of these ways we have committed our pupil premium spend to try and achieve our goals: 

  • Provision of daily contact with Form Tutors who build relationships with members of their form.  In the case of remote learning, Form Tutors check in regularly both virtually and via the phone for pupils who are self-isolating. 
  • A specialist SEN department who provide support for students with particular educational needs. 
  • Dedicated members of the Pastoral Team who support and nurture; including vulnerable students. 
  • A Senior Pastoral Worker who supports our most challenging students. 
  • 1:1 support and intervention for all students who require it. 
  • Small group intervention and support for all students who require it, including a comprehensive intervention strategy during holidays and after school for examination groups. 
  • A curriculum under constant review which is designed to offer maximum flexibility to meet the needs of individuals. 
  • A broad and varied enrichment program that offers outside the classroom opportunities. 
  • Constant staff development and training to ensure that all staff in school are able to provide for each student. 
  • Leadership from a designated member of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Students 

Members of the Senior Leadership Team, Miss R Dean and Miss Williams, are responsible for the analysis of data to identify target groups of underperforming, disadvantaged, vulnerable students, Looked After Children and minority ethnic groups. This analysis is then discussed with the Senior Leadership Team and Middle Leaders, and drilled down to groups and individual students in order to facilitate and target action for improvement with a focus on narrowing the gap.   

Action Taken in 2019/2020

  1. Analysis data was required from all staff, for all classes, showing which groups have underachieved or relatively underachieved, focussing on current progress against targets. 
  1. Evaluation of results of analysis, thereby identifying and discussing potential causes and effects with Subject and Pastoral Leaders. 
  1. Visibility increased and focus sharpened so that specific progress groups have been identified and individuals identified and published. This has ensured that every teacher is aware which students are eligible for the Pupil Premium funding, and especially those who need to accelerate their progress. 
  1. Whole staff training on promoting literacy and reading skills in all areas of the curriculum. 
  1. Training on using data to identify and intervene where students are not making expected progress.  
  1. The development of in class intervention trackers and seating plans which allow staff to be proactive in the progress and outcomes for all students. 

Progress of Pupil Premium Students  


Groups  KS2 APS  A8 Pts  Eng P8  Maths P8  Ebacc P8  Open P8  Progress 8 
2019 National PP Students     38.56  -0.035  -0.34  -0.416  -0.34  -0.3654 
2019 Rodillian PP Students  27.58  37.72  -0.47  -0.59  -0.67  -0.79  -0.77 
2021 Rodillian Students (All)  26.14  50.52  1.19  1.45  1.32  1.04  1.23 
2021 Rodillian PP Students  24.54  37.54  0.3  0.67  0.52  0.09  0.38 


  • The academic progress of Pupil Premium students at The Rodillian Academy has improved between 2019 and 2021. 

 2020-2021 Pupil Premium Priorities 


Pupil Premium Funding Expenditure at The Rodillian Academy 

Total number of Students on Roll: 1611 

  • Students eligible for Pupil Premium: 376 
  • Funding from the Pupil Premium: £310, 635 
  • Students eligible for the LAC funding: 21 
  • Students eligible for the Service Children Premium: 3 
  • Funding from the Service Children Premium: £0 


Total amount of Funding for Pupil Premium: 


ALLOCATION 2020-21: £310, 635 


Pupil Premium Breakdown by Year Groups – 2020-2021 

PP  Year 7  Year 8  Year 9  Year 10  Year 11  Total 
Total  70  71  90  57  57  345 
%   20.21%  23.59%  29.61%  20.80%  21.84%  21.19% 


Pupil Premium planned expenditure 2020/2021  £310, 850 
Curriculum Support  
Additional staffing in English   £45,000 
Data tracking software  £1,500 
Specialist alternative curriculum and provision   £75,300 
Period 7 sessions/ twilights   £30,000 
CIAG/ raising aspirations   £2,500 
Support to access learning opportunities  
Revision Session   £2,500 
New and engaging reading books to develop literacy   £2.000 
Rewards  £1,000 
Online reading program   £6,600 
ISW workers  £14,150 
SEND/ literacy/ behavior staff training   £1,000 
Interactive online learning platform   £8,000 
Access to transport  £5,000 
Transition support   £2,000 
Homework club  £2,500 
Actions to support student welfare, social, emotional and behavioral issues  
SEMH specialist support   £23,300 
Behavior Support Worker x2  £13,900 
Pastoral leadership   £29,400 
Actions to support attendance  
Attendance & Welfare Officers  £27,600 
Providing Free School Meal Vouchers  £10,700 
Anger Management Interventions   £6,900 


Frequently Asked Questions 

 Who is eligible for the Pupil Premium? 

Pupil Premium students fall into three groups: 

  • Students who have been on Free School Meals at any time during the last six years (Ever 6). 
  • Children in Care or looked after who have been so for at least six months as of 1 April the previous year. 
  • Service children. 


How many Pupil Premium students? 

Currently we have 23.34% (376) of our 11-18 year old students eligible. 


How do we spend the allocated funding? 

According to the DfE we have the freedom to spend the funding as we see fit based upon their knowledge of student needs. We spend the funding on strategies to support student achievement including mentoring programmes, IT resources and educational visits. 


How are we accountable? 

We publish our income and performance data on our website and report impact. We monitor the performance of eligible students to ensure that gaps in achievement are closed. 


How do staff know who is in the Pupil Premium cohort? 

Students eligible are identified on SIMS, and staff are provided with an updated list of students at the start of the year.  

The Rodillian Academy