Upcoming Events

  • 07/04/2014
    • Easter Holidays
      Ends: 22/04/2014
      Location: @Rodillian
  • 22/04/2014
    • The Academy Re-opens
      Location: @Rodillian
  • 28/04/2014
    • Full Governor Body Meeting
      Starts: 18:00 Ends: 19:00
      Location: @Rodillian
  • 01/05/2014
    • Year 9 Parents' Evening
      Starts: 16:30 Ends: 19:30
      Location: @ Rodillian
      Description: Please complete the reply slip prior to attending.
  • 05/05/2014
    • May Bank Holiday
  • 06/05/2014
    • The Academy Re-opens
  • 07/05/2014
    • Year 10 & 11 Examination Evening
      Starts: 16:30 Ends: 19:30
      Location: @ Rodillian
      Description: Year 10 & 11 Examination Evening is designed to help you and your child with preparation for the exams period. This is a very reward event giving valuable information. Please send the returns slip prior to attending.
  • 14/05/2014
    • Year 8 Parents' Evening
      Starts: 16:30 Ends: 19:30
      Location: @ Rodillian
      Description: Please complete the reply slip prior to attending. If you have not received a letter then please download from the recent letters webpage.
  • 20/05/2014
    • Year 7 Parents' Evening
      Starts: 16:30 Ends: 19:30
      Location: @ Rodillian
      Description: Please complete the reply slip prior to attending.
  • 26/05/2014
    • Summer Mid-term Holiday
      Ends: 02/06/2014
      Location: @Rodillian
  • 02/06/2014
    • Teacher Training Day
      Location: @Rodillian
  • 03/06/2014
    • The Academy Re-opens
  • 18/07/2014
    • Teacher Training Day (Years 7 - 13)
      Description: Year 6 Transition is still in place on this day.
  • 21/07/2014
    • Teacher Training Day (Years 7 - 13)
      Description: Year 6 Transition is still in place on this day.
  • 22/07/2014
    • Teacher Training Day (Years 7 - 13)
      Location: @Rodillian
      Description: Year 6 Transition is still in place on this day.
  • 23/07/2014
    • Summer Holidays
      Ends: 02/09/2014
      Location: @Rodillian

Latest News

11th Attendance Draw

11th Attendance Draw 11th Attendance Draw The Live Attendance Draw today saw Ms Baker and her co-host Mr Naylor perform the Live Draw from Paris, France (well, maybe not really Paris! ☻). Pupils watched in Year 10 Assembly and form time. Forms are currently fighting for a place Read More

Employer Engagement

Employer EngagementIt has been a busy week at the Rodillian Academy as we have been working with local employers to raise the aspirations of young people and prepare them for the world of work. Forty year twelve students have worked with Think Read More

National Dance Competition

National Dance CompetitionOn Thursday 28th April a group of dancers from across the academy went to Leeds Town Hall to compete in the regional heats of The National Schools Dance Competition. 'The Big Dance Off' is the only national dance competition aimed Read More

3rd VIP Attendance Event

3rd VIP Attendance Event 3rd VIP Half Term Attendance Event Ms Baker was pleased to celebrate with the winning forms for the 3rd VIP (Very Important Pupil) event this year. This year’s theme was an American themed Hot Dog and Doughnut Party. Each form was a Read More

Cup Final Winners

Cup Final WinnersYear 7 White Rose Tournament Following the victory in the Yorkshire Cup Final the week before, the Year 7 squad travelled to Guiseley School in anticipation of a tough series of matches in what was the culmination of the regional Emerging Read More

Excellent Coursework

Excellent CourseworkThe Rodillian Academy students have once again shown why we are classed as one of the best schools in Leeds and Wakefield. Providing superior work in resistant materials showing the high standards that our students can produce and what the Read More

10th Attendance Draw

10th Attendance Draw The 10th Live Attendance Draw was presented live from studio by the Rodillian Academy News Team, with Ms Baker and this week’s guest presenter, Mr James. Winners were: Year 7 – Holly Borthwick 7.1 Year 8 – Conor Bain 8.4 Year 9 – Melissa Read More

Holocaust Education

Holocaust EducationOn Monday 24th March a great number of students from the Rodillian Academy heard testimony from Holocaust survivor, Iby Knill, as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET). As the Rodillian Academy is a Beacon Read More



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  • Easter Holidays
    Starts: 07/04/2014 - 00:00
    Ends: 22/04/2014 - 00:00
    Location: @Rodillian
  • The Academy Re-opens
    Starts: 22/04/2014 - 00:00
    Ends: 23/04/2014 - 00:00
    Location: @Rodillian
  • Full Governor Body Meeting
    Starts: 28/04/2014 - 18:00
    Ends: 28/04/2014 - 19:00
    Location: @Rodillian


PD Session 3/3/14

Bronze 250 stamps
William Smales
Holly McGarrity
Amie Ellis
Decllan Honeyman Scatterty
Briony Logan
Amisha Donachie
Ben Chadwick
Zoe Tempest-Mitchell
Lewis Whittard
Megan Dransfield
Liam Houghton
Charlotte O'Donnell
Chloekiara Chandler-Spivey
Jordan Frost
Eve Parker
Kieran Rix
Jasmine Uttley
Chloe Bilton
Joe Lynch
Jamie Stephenson

Silver 500 stamps
George Roberts
George Scott-Booth
Ben Davey
Lewis Houlker
Wayne Thistleton
Hannah Bertram
Ryan Allen
Olivia Beasley
Jack Stevenson
Kalomoira Bathrelou
Danielle Chambers
Christopher Carter
Hollie Smith
Bradlee Pease
Charlie Buckley
Liam Newsome
Joseph Fell
Thomas Beattie
Nikita Spoors
Lewis Varley
Dominic Wheatcroft
Tommy Kemp
Georgie Barton
Kieran Emmerson
Bradley Lane
Bradley Clarke
Scott Pearson
Olivia Sekloawu
Callum White
Jordan Dunwell
Louis Kemp-Lowe
Courtney Ossitt
Morgan Crane
Sadie Gray
Rebecca Kabwe
Blake Passey
Kieran Patterson
Jamie Stead
Kennedy Rawson
Lauren Thompson
Courteney O'Malley
Ronan Richardson
Bethany Chadwick
Calio Franks
Tiffany Harrison
Jackson Latham
Shane Padgett
Kizzie Robbins
Ashley Walker
Sam Clark
Jack Davies
Kendrew Handforth
Elliott Morgan
Rhianan Osborne
Jack Tate-Holmes
Aaron Elliott
Dominic Haytack
Fionnlagh Holmes
Courtney Oxlee
Ben Allotey
Danielle Bramham
Shannon Cawood-Young
Ben Crowley
Paige Cuthbertson
Katie Egan
Joe Hodge
Herve Kabwe
Carli Carver
Sarah Dransfield
Ella Morton
Joshua Stone
Aaron Todd
Caitlin Waugh
Rebecca Hambleton
Charlotte Howarth
Stephen Philips
Alex Baggaley
Derry Canning
Taryn Harrison
Louis Naylor
Hollie Tempest
Christy Griffin
Megan Heptinstall
Rebecca Moon
Dominic Sellars
Kieran Tarrant

Gold 750 stamps
Billy Allanson
Holly Borthwick
Adam Cunningham
Loretta Dash
Alfie Gamble
Danielle Milner
Ellis Smithson
Lauren Townsend
Bradley Walker
Mille Wood
Brandon Beasley
Ellis Burgham
Megan Westgarth
Kyle Brain
Olivia Hawley
Josh Sheeran
Alex Shenton
Aidan Langley
Ben Rickerby
Bailey-Jay Hunter
Kai Loughlan
Cameron Francis
Samuel Chilton
Joel Kelvin
Jodi Miller
Kieran Stammers
Euan Moss
Jay Thomson
Renee Farrugia
Liam King
Morgan Murphy
Kaitlan Townend
Kai Gale
Nolan Strafford
Jake Ablett
Olivia Alderson
Mason O'Malley
Peter Smalley
Chloe White
Bethany Farnell
Dylan Foster
Luke Gomersall
Molly Holmes
Chloe Kershaw
Adam Lunn
Mollie Atkinson
Joshua Baker
Myer Brown
Scott Davies
Rebecca Squires
Megan Emery
Lauren Raftery
Cameron Smith
Ashley Tate
Jake Thackrah
Kaley White
Elias Chadwick
Abbie Colman
Bethany Long
Ethan Carden
Kallum Macgregor
Paisley Mather
Joshua Mollett
Lucas Mulrain
Shannon Peck
Bethany Warkup
Joshua White
Jack Allen
Ellie Barltrop
Alfie Davidson
Lewis Firbank
Jacob Hartshorne
Sinead Heald
Chloe Lowe
Charlotte Paul
Ethan Swithenbank
Paige Tye
Hollie North
Jacob Rotheram
Josh Benson
Morgan Girvin
Louise James
Tania Parvaiz
Matthew Battle
Adam Gee
Tailor Hunter
Lewis Morrissey
Stephen Merrick
Luke Blakeley
Thomas Griffiths
Megan Lines
Courtney Powers
Reegan Ramsay
Dante Salleri
Joshua Toon
Samuel Waterhouse
Connor Allotey
Tyler Fowles
Owen Kelly
Ellie Myers
Joe Baccarini
Megan Haxby
Saskia Morton
Courtney Sampson
Jamie Tate
Jamie-Lee Thackray
Emma Blackburn
Emily Brownsword
Reece Kenny
George Howarth
Cameron Prescott
Chloe Robinson
Bethany Hardy
Ellie Longthorn
Luke Naughton
Josh Naylor
Connor Wraith
Thomas Charlesworth
Sean Fawcett
Lewis Baldwinson
Jess Jones
Callum Ward
Bethany Wynne
Frances Cobbinah
Lucy Pearson
Billy Hayes
Brooke Rhodes
Kyle Bowler
Jennifer Cox
Samuel Lightowler
Laura Worsfold

Platinum 1000 stamps
Zoe Barr
Jay Higgins
Eden Kilbride
Sean Naughton
Grace Leo
Logan Wain
Ross Cassidy
Alfie Lockwood
Joshua Maundrill
Aiden Ward
Faye Crozier
Eleanor Dobson
Klaudiusz Dumitrak
William Emmerson
Ellie-Jade Frost
Ellie Hartley
Joseph McCusker
Callum McGrath
Mia Rayner
Havanna Watson
Imogen Whiteley
Ethan Ellis
Emily Green
Jasmine Hand
Cody Hartley
Matthew Lindley
Georgia Myers
William Sheen
Chloe Snow
Ella Grant
Jack Parker
Katie Scott
Joshua Sykes
Joel Cassidy
Brice Kidd-Tomlinson
Aaron Wiltshire
Olivia Binns
Ellie-Marie Burnell
Thomas Macintyre
Callum Ambler
Aaron Bond
Simon Down
Dylan Jubb
Jessica Padgett
Joseph Saint
Lucy Smalley
Lewis Timms
Rebecca Armstrong
Hannah Dilley
Jack Gillings
Jordan Kinsey
Megan Lightowler
Alisha McNally
Samuel North
Michael Throp
Victoria Williamson
Ellie Addy
Courtney Brummitt
Charlotte Catlin
Joseph McLaughlin
Samuel Patterson
Morgan Taylor
Connor Wilson
Annie Kean
James Fieldhouse
Charlie Nixon
Andrew Wilson
Ellie Dalby
Kyle Bastock
Jessica Charlesworth
Jack Marshall
Jade Nicholson
Nieve O'Donnell
Ben Roberts
Charlie Thompson
Max Thorpe
Harry Wilson
Jakub Zielinski
Elissa Allan
Daniel Brennan
Reece Davis
Isabelle Nijjar
Jason Temuna
Megan Lloyd
Emily Porter
Chloe Bradley-Boak
Mollie Lynch
Holly Shenton
Matthew Bell
Lucie Milne
Laura Umpleby
Matthew Charlesworth
Jordan Jackson
Alex Lord
Shauna Mellor
Jefferson Miller
Declan Mortimer
Brandon Briggs
James Fitzgerald
Olivia Horsman
Hoi Yin Lai
Melissa Robinson
Emma Sowden
Mason Thompson
Nathan Wilby
Tegan Barker
Ellie Branfoot
Bethan Brooke
Billy Dixon
Christopher Elliott
Olivia Morris
Cara Prowling
Benjamin Shute
Connor Andrews
Courteney Harkin
Francis Henry
Arshia Momenzadeh
James Robinson
Olivia Smith
Isla Stead-Price
Zatoria Caddick-Devaney
Samuel Dorsman
Lewis Thornton
Jake Whitwam
George Walton
Maisie Betteridge
Harriet Daley
Khya Gott
James McCluskey
Damon Wilby
Kieran Holdsworth
Olivia Waddington
Isabella Thorpe

Diamond 1500 stamps
Joanne Beverley
Abigail Hall
Mollie Smith
Evangelina Alexander
John Curgenven
Kayla Donnelly
Molly Warden
Ellison Hogg
Kian Wade
Emily Ward
Jazmin Lunn
Amy Morris
Jacob Ward
Thomas Wilkinson
Harry Holmes
Josh Lunn
Kaia Stead-Price
Becca Bowes
Sophie Fell
Harry Laycock
Chloe Punt
Kasey Bryan
Taylor Clements
Rhys Haines
Rosie Hay
Harry Hutchinson
Oliver Maundrill
Benjamin Mountain
Jessica Bailey
Gemma Davies
Regan Gray
Bethany Green
Anya Jenkinson
Zak Moore
Finlay Morrissey
Oliver Phillips
Bethany Plews
Dylan Tunstall
Jordan Woodcock
Courtney Wrigglesworth
Phoebe Calvert
Antonia Armitage
Caitlin Bradshaw
Jenna Howarth
Charlotte Gluck
Isobel Harman
Lydia O'Neill
Albany Thompson
Mackenzie Dakin
Chloe Jackson
Charlotte Rex
Sophie Bickerdyke
Liam Duce
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ben Harper
Demi Lang
Charlotte Lowe
Ben Parker
Lizzie Pritchard
Josh Sowrey
Phoebe Millard
Lisa Head
Leah Mountain
Beth Carter
Cameron Pattison
Kayleigh Butcher
Rebecca Gomersall-Thomas
Ebony Gordon

Headteacher’s Award 2000 stamps
Thomas Coyle
Jenny Hepworth
Kennedy Livsey
Ellie Morvan
Phoebe Watson
Yasmin Moorehead
Harrison Biggs
Georgia Johnstone
Nikita Kosovskis
Jessica Siddons
Joanna Mwendapole

Governor’s Award 2500 stamps
Rylie Passey
Ella Schofield
Ceris McElhatton
Sam Wilkinson