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Financial Support


16-19 Bursary Fund


Financial support applications for students who are starting or continuing at Rodillian Sixth Form If you are a current student already in receipt of financial support, you will need to reapply.

Please download and complete the Financial Support Application Form.

Applications can be handed in at the main reception. If you are submitting original documents, please include a note requesting these to be returned if needed.

For full information about eligibility and the evidence that is needed please see our Financial Support Leaflet.


Eligibility for Free Tuition


Rodillian Sixth Form is free for learners who have been resident in the UK for the last 3 years and are aged 16,17 or 18 on 31 August in the calendar year when a programme of study commences. Such learners do not have to pay tuition fees if they become 19 during the course of that programme. Students aged between 19 and under 25 and commencing their first full level 3 qualification (two GCE A Levels or equivalent) may be eligible for free tuition.

Further details are available from the Sixth Form Office. The Academy will pay all initial exam fees but students are required to pay for any retakes. However, if a student fails to attend the set exam date and has not submitted a medical note, a bill for examination fees will be sent to you.

Students should expect to supply for themselves a file, paper and writing materials for each subject and make themselves aware of any additional costs relating to specific courses, details of which will be provided before enrolment.


Types of Financial Support


A Discretionary 16-19 Bursary is available for students who live in a household with a total annual gross income £30,000 a year or less. Evidence of income including tax credits/universal credits must be provided. Please note for the purpose of eligibility for Awards, Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Child Benefit and Disability Living Allowance are disregarded.

Students eligible for Discretionary 16-19 Bursary funding can choose to receive either a travel pass for transport into the Sixth Form or a daily meals allowance of a minimum of £3 during term time. Additional assistance can also be requested and is subject to an individual assessment and the amount of funding the Academy has available, and can be provided for items such as: Books, Equipment, Re-sit fees, UCAS Entrance fees and essential educational visits (part of subject curriculum).


Government guaranteed free meals in further education –available if students, or parents / guardians are in receipt of specific benefits. Current evidence of receipt of the benefit is required. You can qualify for both the discretionary award and guaranteed free meals if you receive the eligible benefits, and your total household income is also below £30,000. We must see evidence of total household income and not just evidence of the relevant benefit in order to assess for both.

Students who qualify for the Government guaranteed free meals in further education criteria are guaranteed a daily meals allowance of a minimum of £3 during term time. This will be in addition to Discretionary Award support if you qualify for both, and the discretionary award would usually be provided as a travel pass so that both meals and travel costs are covered.


Vulnerable Bursary for eligible students in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in their own name, plus additional documentation confirming independent status e.g. tenancy agreement etc. A Care Leaver or currently Looked After in Care (local authority letter required) in receipt of both Employment & Support Allowance or Universal Credit and DLA/PIP (award letter showing in receipt of both)

Students who fall under the Vulnerable Bursary criteria can access up to £1200 of support. This can be provided as either a travel pass, meal allowance or both. Additional support is available to help remove any financial barriers students have with accessing education, and will be assessed on an individual basis. Students will receive the amount they actually need to participate in their course. This will be provided in the form of assistance for additional items that are needed for the study programme and no actual payments will be made. It is outside the scope of the bursary to provide any payments for living costs.


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