Principal’s Welcome

Lorraine Bradley
I have the privilege of being the Principal of the Rodillian Academy. Built on the site of the old Rothwell Grammar School, we moved into this purpose-built school in 2008. Since then, we have had a very exciting and successful journey, giving the young people of our community a great education, great experiences and great life chances. We are very proud of our school, of our staff and of our students and all they continue to achieve. In the words of Andy Goulty, CEO of the Rodillian Multi-Academy Trust, “We instil resilience in all of our students, both academic resilience and resilience for life. We expect and we believe in the highest standards of behaviour and respect, and push all of our students to get the maximum academic performance out of each of them.” A Growth Mindset is taught from day one of a student or teacher joining us - the belief that nothing is pre-determined or fixed, that students and staff alike can succeed if they work hard and learn from all their experiences. Our standards of behaviour are rooted in Positive Discipline, a system under which students know they have a choice on a daily basis, and one which ensures mutual respect between students and staff, no matter their role in the Academy. Good behaviour, exceptional work and good progress are rewarded, and students are encouraged to make the right choice, first time, every time. This, in turn, allows teachers the freedom to engage in inspiring and creative lessons, with the knowledge that they are supported and encouraged by a strong Leadership Team. Rodillian is a happy school where students and staff show respect, consideration and kindness. We were born of Rothwell Grammar School and their motto - “Nec Sperno, Nec Timeo” - still rings true: “Neither Do I Spurn, Nor Do I Fear”. Lorraine Bradley
The Rodillian Academy