Literacy at Rodillian

The English Department at Rodillian Academy continuously strives to push the literacy development of all its students; because of this we have created a Literacy Team for our KS3 cohort. Within the team we have employed three specialist teachers of literacy who will be teaching alongside our current department. These members of staff will work with students on reading and writing intervention to ensure that students can progress effectively and with support. The team also teaches specialist skills and reading practice in order to allow students to reach their full potential.

Reading and writing skills form the basis of our curriculum with particular attention given to wider core skills. Across KS3, students have a tailored curriculum which supports their individual literacy needs. Within these lessons, literacy skills are embedded within the English programme of study which incorporates both fiction and non fiction reading.

In addition to the four English lessons a week, KS3 students take part in an Accelerated Reader scheme where students read a full range of fiction aiming to improve students’ reading ages. In Accelerated Reader students read independently with ownership over their own progression; they also have the opportunity to take part in paired reading and book groups where reading is collaborative and supported.

Pupils Reading 1
Rise and Read is offered to Year 7, where students spend 30 minutes at the start of the school day being involved in reading activities. The aim behind the scheme is to allow students access to engaging storytelling and explorative literature which they may not experience elsewhere in the school curriculum. During this, students will become engaged in reading through teacher and pupil discussion and also by experiencing the stories in a live interactive way, thus promoting a love of reading.

For those students who are identified as needing additional support in writing, we have a fully interactive programme which caters for their specific learning needs. Lexia is a new computer based course that allows students to work on spelling, punctuation and grammar at their own level and at their own pace. These students will use Lexia within English lessons as a supportive tool, enhancing their English knowledge and literacy skills.
As a team we are very proud of all our efforts to improve literacy and we endeavour to make learning as effective as possible for all our students.

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