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The Exam Contingency Day is Tuesday 29th June. This is used if any exams are cancelled Nationally


What to do if you are ill on the day of an exam.

If you are ill and are unable to attend an exam it is vital that you follow the advice below.

Telephone the Academy first thing in the morning to inform us that you are unwell and unable to attend.

If you feel unwell, but are still able to travel we suggest you attend the exam. We can then assess the situation in person. In most cases it is better to take the exam if you can.

Whether you attend or not, you should obtain a note from your doctor detailing your symptoms and illness. We can use this to apply for special consideration from the Examination Board.
The Board will look at this in conjunction with your other exam marks and it may enable them to adjust your mark and grade accordingly.

Please be aware that if you do not attend an exam without a valid reason, it is possible that you will be charged for that exam.
If in any doubt – PHONE THE ACADEMY!

The Academy’s telephone number is: 01924 872 252 and ask for Jennine Southorn (Exams Officer).


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