Rodillian Boxing

Rodillian Boxing
Rodillian Academy recently teamed with the GB Amateur Boxing Awards. These awards are designed as a fun recreational programme for all participants at all levels, ages and abilities.
The three Awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and taught by a fully qualified Boxing Awards tutor.

The first award (Preliminary) is designed at grass roots level promoting a healthy lifestyle, fitness, weight control also contributing to increased self esteem and confidence.



The second award (Standard) is designed to learn how to throw straight punches (jab and rear hand) as a combination whilst on the move. A range of defensive strategies (block, parry, and slip) will also be developed. Every boxer will also develop an understanding of the rules and general knowledge associated with Amateur Boxing.


Rodillian BoxingThe third award (Bronze) will consist of learning bent arm punches (hooks) to head and body. You will be taught the different range of hooks (short, medium and long). You will also be taught how to incorporate hooks into your combination punching (jab, rear hand, lead hand hook). You will be getting fit by now and taking part in a colour circuit that will enable you to progress to different levels as you get fitter. And again you will have to work hard and stay focussed in order to demonstrate the correct techniques when you take your Bronze Award Assessment.


Silver, gold and platinum awards are available to all students in KS4 and further develop more complex boxing skills.


Have fun. Get fit. Box!Rodillian Boxing

Quotes from the pupils:

“I really enjoy the boxing programme because it gives me the chance to do something new and exercise regularly” (K. Stammers).

“I like boxing in school because it keeps me busy and I find most other sports boring. It also keeps me fit and active outside of school. It’s now my favourite sport because it’s shown me honesty and respect” (Reece J).

“I love boxing because the training is difficult but rewarding. My teacher helps me improve every week and I feel I am getting faster and stronger. I hope to be a boxer when I’m older” (Reece Nurtton).

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