Mountain Bike Challenge Final

The Mountain Bike Challenge Grand Final took place on Tuesday 25th June.

The top 4 boys and 3 girls from the final are given the chance to take part in a Motorbike training rewards session. There was also a place given for best effort within the academy.

The championship leaders that will be going on the rewards day are as follows:

Name Year Time
Lewis Watts Yr 10 3:22
George Bacon yr 10 3:28
Kieran Paterson yr 10 3:34
Reece Thirlwell yr 8 3:42
Lisa Head yr 8 4:00
Kaleigh Portrey yr 8 4:15
Megan Haxby yr 10 4:43

The place for best effort went to Harrison Biggs of year 8 with a time of 4:17.

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