UPS Rock Climbing

As part of the Post 16 Uniformed Public Services course, several students took day trips Stanage edge. Here’s why:

Land based outdoor and adventurous activities

The course requires students to learn skills for two land activities. A knowledge of risk assessment and research into a variety of activities is completed, usually before students go outside. Once in an outdoor environment they need to be self reliant in terms of personal equipment and provisions for the day. On the activity students learn about the correct use of equipment, how to tie in to a safety rope, choice of route, specific techniques to climb and lower off.

Stanage edge

Stanage is a 5km gritstone edge on the outskirts of Sheffield at 450m above sea level it faces West and catches the sun but also any wind and rain that is passing through. The climbing is top quality and it is a popular venue for beginners and experienced climbers due to the huge variety of routes. The edge was first climbed by J. W. Puttrell around 1890 wearing hob nail boots.

Personal qualities

Outdoor environments have been used throughout history to develop resilience and team spirit in individuals. Armed forces can be seen training recruits on Cornish and Welsh sea cliffs. Overcoming fear, supporting individuals and teamwork are all developed gradually through participation in a variety of activities.

For further information, or to apply for the course, please contact Mr Sandford:  [email protected]

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