Maths Inspiration Show

On Tuesday 10th March, 11 talented and eager mathematicians from years 11, 12 and 13 (and two equally eager maths teachers) set off to see a Maths Inspiration Show at The West Yorkshire Playhouse. They learnt about the maths behind TV game shows and how you can study the feelings and behaviour of many animals using mathematics. The pupils particularly enjoyed the part that was delivered by a ‘Stand Up Mathematician’ called Matt Parker. He has studied shapes in the fourth dimension and although it is impossible to imagine such shapes, you can look at them in the form of a 3D net in the same way we can look at 3D shapes in the form of a 2D net. The pupils were so excited after seeing Matt perform. If you want to know more about Matt Parker, just google him, he has some very interesting mathematical things to talk about.

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