Congratulations to our first Linguastar’s competition winners.

In the MFL department we want all of our pupils to become “Linguastars” in order to improve their language skills. As such, we have launched a competition which will take place each half term where pupils can demonstrate their “Linguastar” qualities and be rewarded accordingly.


How can I become a “Linguastar”?
Every single pupil can have the opportunity to become a “Linguastar”. You must meet certain criteria:
1. Achieve 150,000 points on memrise. You can achieve this in a half term if you use memrise regularly.
2. Regularly get a high score on vocabulary tests (using memrise can help you to achieve this)
3. Contribute regularly in class.

What happens when I become a “Linguastar”?
Our MFL department will be extremely proud of you and as such we would like to reward you!
Your name will be displayed on our “Linguastars board”, you will receive an invitation to attend one of our half termly “Linguastars” parties (attended by other “Linguastars”, the MFL department and possibly members of Rodillian Academy’s Senior Leadership Team) and Mrs Blackburn (the Head of Languages) will ring home to tell parents/carers how well you have been doing in languages. You will also be a positive role model for any pupil studying languages.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the celebrations soon!

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