Inspirational Fundraising

Year 8 student Cody Hartley is an inspiration to all of us. Since reading about the tragic death of Oliver King from SADs (Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome) in May last year only two weeks after attending a First Aid Course, Cody was spurred into action to try and help.

Since then, Cody has been tirelessly fundraising to purchase defibrillators for as many places as possible. So far she has managed to raise over £4,000, enough money for four defibrillators, one of which she has kindly donated to Rodillian Academy.

Her mammoth fundraising efforts have included a 20 miles sponsored walk, 1000 kicks onto a strike pad, bag packing and car boot sales.

Mark King from the Oliver King Foundation attended the Year 8 Assembly in July to hand over the new defibrillator to Cody who accepted it on behalf of The Academy. Mr King told students about his son, Oliver, who was a keen sportsman but who unfortunately died in school after a sporting event. If a defibrillator had been on site, Oliver might still have been here today. The Foundation continues to raise awareness and campaign to ensure that all public places and schools have one of these life saving devices.

Cody isn’t intending to stop either. Her next fundraising event is a bag pack at Asda in Morley on 9th August, as Cody says she won’t stop until there are defibrillators everywhere!

For more information about the Oliver King Foundation or SADs please go to

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