Indoor Rowing Competition

Rodillian Academy students took part in an indoor rowing competition at Thwaites mill against De Lacy Academy (Knottingley). Leah Tinsley, Angel Howey and Joseph Rollinson represented Rodillian and performed exceptionally well as can be seen in the following results:

Year 7

Distance test – furthest in 2 minutes

First girl Leah Tinsley – with an equal distance to the best De Lacy girl who had competed in indoor rowing competitions previously with a distance of 465 metres (national recognition distance is 490m in 2 minutes)

Leah also beat both Rodillian boys

Team Relay (Over 2000 metres)

Rodillian Academy beat De Lacy Academy by 23 seconds (47 metres)

Year 8

Distance test – furthest in 3 minutes

First girl Angel Howey – Who won by 1 metre (she was 15 metres down with 20 seconds to go)

Due to the low numbers of year 8 boys (both school were missing 1 boy due to illness) they competed with the year 9 boys over the year 9 distance target time of 4 minutes.

First boy – Joseph Rollinson – who also beat the De Lacy year 9 boys by 50 metres with a distance of 962 metres (national recognition distance for Y9 is 1100m)

Team Relay (Over 2000 metres) with Rodillian only having 3 members:

Rodillian Academy beat De Lacy Academy by more than 1 minute (98 metres) and were only narrowly defeated by De Lacy year 9 team which had 4 members.


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