Film Club

As part of Rodillian Academy’s after school provision, we run a Filmclub which your son/daughter has expressed an interest. The aims of the club are to enthuse and inspire our young people to take an active interest in all aspects of film and movie-going experience.

Filmclub will be a free weekly event, which will take place in school between 2.45pm and 5pm every Thursday, where pupils can enjoy and experience films in a fun, safe environment which will, hopefully, encourage Filmclub members to look further than the blockbuster in their choice of film entertainment.

Members will be introduced to interesting and challenging films alongside the popular and easily accessible films available at mainstream cinemas. This will involve students viewing films classified by the BBFC as U, PG, 12, 12A or 15, in order to be able to explore all aspects of media. Therefore, as Filmclub will be open to all year groups, without prejudice, it is necessary to ask for parental consent for Filmclub members to view films in all the above classifications.

Filmclub members will always be introduced to this material in a controlled environment so that they can be enthused and inspired to discuss, debate and challenge issues and perceptions which film can help to explore. Our students are already enthused by the films the school offer at various levels of study and Filmclub aims to inspire further this enthusiasm, outside of the classroom, so that its members are well equipped to become active learners in order to achieve their full potential both in and out of school.

Rodillian Academy expects its young people to approach and respond to all films with a high level of maturity, open mindedness and analytical perspective. This will, involve members being registered with Filmclub and being encouraged to review films online.

I therefore hope that your son/daughter will be able to attend Filmclub regularly in order to share in the enjoyment of film.

If you have not received a letter and would like your child to attend, then please collect one from student services and return the attached reply slip.

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