Year 8 into Year 9 Options

Year 9 Pre Options

In Year 9 you will follow a similar curriculum to the one you have studied in Year 8, with a strong emphasis on English, Maths and Science. As in Year 8, you will have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects you will study. You will also have the choice of Applied Resilience options too.


This page aims to give you details of all the subjects that are available for you to study in Year 9.


We hope that you will enjoy making your choices but remember what an important process this is.  The choices you make now should help you to decide what you choose for GCSEs next year. GCSE choices could affect what courses, training and jobs will be available to you later in life.  Choosing your pre-options carefully will help to model the process for next year, so that you make the right choice of subjects at GCSE.


You need to choose:

  • One guided option (Geography or History)
  • Two open options (this can include a second guided option)
  • One Reserve open option


Final entry for these choices is Friday 15th March 2019. These options will be taken on the online SIMS options system.

If you need help choosing your options please see your form tutor, subject teachers or Mr Naylor. 


Ian Aindow

Assistant Head Teacher Curriculum


Pre Options

Art & Design

In Art and Design you follow the GCSE process and will develop coursework projects.  You will experiment with lots of different materials and you will produce a sketch book full of ideas, doing tasters of different media, textiles, transfer printing, paint techniques, drawing skills and three dimensional techniques. You will look at other peoples’ sketch books and get inspiration from artists’ and designers’ work.

See Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Claiden or Miss Barker for more information.


Business Studies

You might have an interest in business, and want to start your own business one day. You may have an enquiring mind and be interested in learning about the world around you, how businesses are set up, and what it is that makes someone an entrepreneur. Business Studies is all these things and more!

You need to be good at communicating and explaining your ideas, and not afraid of learning new skills to further your understanding of the subject. You will also learn to be a creative thinker which will in time help you make informed and well-judged decisions. What’s more you will also learn about the world of business through research and investigation, as well as through practical tasks.

For more information, see Miss Bates


Child Development

In Child Development you will explore the way in which a child grows and develops physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially during childhood. You will also learn about the different types of families, pregnancy and health in relation to the development of children. As part of the course you will also be given the opportunity to study the growth and development of a child. You will apply your knowledge of child development and develop a range of tasks that will enable you to observe them and write about their development.

For more information, see Miss Taylor


Computer Science

The Year 9 Computer Science pre-option course is designed to give you an insight into GCSE computing, which is an option in KS4. You will get an insight into the subject and some of the more technical aspects of computing. You will learn about hardware and software including computer components (what a computer and other electronic devices are made of), operating systems, networks, binary maths and logic. There will be an emphasis on problem solving which is a large part of the GCSE computing course. The course will also involve computer programming using command line and drag & drop software to create your own programs rather than just using them.

For more information, see Mr Fowler



Dance is suitable for anyone who enjoys performing to an audience and creating movement. You will develop physical and expressive skills and explore different styles of dance. In creative sessions you will learn how to choreograph dances that are linked to the GCSE Anthology. Throughout the year you will develop your critical thinking skills by analysing professional dance works.

For more information, see Mrs Doherty



This option will prepare you for the new GCSE Design Technology specification.  You will study the types and properties of the following natural and man-made materials: papers and cards, woods, metals, plastics, composites, woven and non-woven fabrics and smart/modern materials. You will learn how these materials work together to create functioning products.  You will complete a series of projects which will be based around areas of interest such as fashion, interiors and furnishings, advertising and promotion, consumer electronics, leisure or mechanical systems.

For more information, speak to Mr Scott.


Drama will be a combination of developing confidence and performance skills.
These sessions will focus on using text and a variety of stimulus items to create your own work. You will learn a range of new concepts and ideas to put into your performance work.

For more information, see Mrs Gardner


Food Preparation and nutrition

You will develop practical and theoretical skills and knowledge that will prepare you for the requirements of the GCSE. You will progress to higher level making skills and the science of cooking. This focuses on nurturing your practical cookery skills to give you a strong understanding of nutrition. The curriculum is delivered through a mix of theory with practical sessions to embed the content covered.

Food preparation skills are integrated into five core topics:

  • Food, nutrition and health
  • Food science
  • Food safety
  • Food choice
  • Food provenance.

For more information, see Mrs Smith or Ms Hansbro.



In Geography you use resources from the media and current events from around the world to illustrate issues that the human race will have to grapple with including extreme environments, natural hazards, poverty, disease and conflict. You will also improve your sense of place (where places are) as well as getting an idea of different cultures and landscapes from around the world. You will broaden your awareness of what is happening around the world and be able to empathise with other peoples’ points of view, as well as improving geographical skills and decision making.                                                

For more information, see Mr Sandford


Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care provides you with the opportunity to study a wide range of topics that may affect an individual through their life. These topics include the values that are important when providing care, human growth and development, first aid, organ transplant and donors, the impact of poverty on individuals and their growth and development and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.  You will also be given the opportunity to develop the exam and coursework skills needed to be successful in health and social care.

For more information, see Miss Taylor



History in Year 9 builds on your knowledge of the past by studying a range of topics that have been chosen by individual teachers because they find them fascinating.  Many of the topics cover the twentieth century, including the First and Second World Wars, and the Cold War.  There is also a unit on why so many people believe conspiracy theories, especially the mysteries surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy.  Studying the past is not just exciting; it helps us understand why things are as they are today.  We will also work hard to develop your skills as a historian. 

For more information, see Mrs Waterson


Media Studies

Media Studies is quite literally the study of the media. It offers rigorous but accessible learning on a subject of key importance for young peoples’ understanding of the modern world. Throughout the course, you will undertake varied, challenging, creative and active learning through: extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice, practical work which integrates theories and concepts, pre-production and production opportunities, the chance to study across a range of different media and opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.

This option is invaluable for those pupils who are considering taking Media Studies at GCSE as it will introduce key vocabulary, suitable theorists and continue to build on skills gained in KS3.

For more information, see Mrs Young or Mr Smith



Music pre-option aims to prepare pupils for GCSE Music, covering music theory, composition, listening exercises and Music from other cultures such as Reggae. Pupils begin to learn about music theory by studying the material created specifically to prepare students for the new GCSE course. All pupils are encouraged to receive a weekly instrumental (including drums, guitar, piano, woodwind, violin and brass) or vocal lesson with one of our specialist peripatetic teachers.

For more information, see Mr Evans.



Students will be taught how to use Adobe Photoshop and more traditional art media alongside use of the camera. The course provides students with a range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to develop and explore their personal interests in creative photography.

See Miss Barker for more information.


Physical Education

In Physical Education you will take part in a range of sporting activities throughout the year including games, athletics, trampolining and outdoor adventurous activities. The theory aspect of the course will educate you about the human body and the adaptations that take place due to exercise. In addition, you will research diet, sports injuries, participation and lifestyle. You will have a combination of both practical and theory lessons per week.  

For more information, see Mrs Kisby


Religious Studies

Is it right to torture a terrorist if you think he has information about where a bomb is hidden? You only have fifteen minutes to make the decision and the only thing you know is that it is in a city centre. The lives of thousands are at risk. For lots of you the answer would be “Yes!” But hopefully some of our topics will get you to consider some of the bigger issues surrounding this ethical problem. In Year 9 pre-option RE you will undertake exciting, gruesome and nail biting lessons on topics such as ‘Is Religion Dangerous?’, ‘The Holocaust’

and ‘Religion in the Media’.  You will need enthusiasm, an open mind and to be prepared to disagree with others!

For more information, see Mr Amoss



Do you ever wonder why you got up this morning, came to school and listened?  Sociology is all about society, which means you, and what makes society work. So why do you come to school? Get jobs? Get married? Have children? Why don’t we just take what we want from the shops rather than paying for it?  Sociology investigates all of these issues – from what influences us to who controls us in society.

For more information, see Mrs Williams


Applied Resilience Options


Art, Craft & Design Is Art your thing? Do you want to practice skills? You can spend time perfecting your skills to make final masterpieces using paint, pencils, modelling and many more media.
Band workshop Work with others to make amazing music. This will improve your musical skills and give you the confidence to perform to others.
Bikes, Boards and Scooters @ LS: Ten – £6 During your year you will improve indoor ramp skills. The professional coaches will guide you around the course focusing on all details to improve your jumps and falls!
Boxing You will be exposed to a myth busting culture about boxing – macho behaviour is a taboo and the focus is etiquette and respect. Moreover, you complete a Media unit in which they understand the difference between ‘Hollywood boxing’ and boxing as a sport. Your general fitness, balance and coordination will improve through skills such as skipping, circuit training, and team games/challenges.
Community Project Do you like helping out on community projects? Have you got ideas of where you could be of help in the community? If so this project is for you. You will work with the group to improve the life of others in the community by designing, running and taking part in projects around the local area.
Couch to 5k and healthy living This is designed for people who want to get fit and healthy but don’t know where or how to start. 
The programme helps you build your fitness and stamina gradually. It was designed by a runner for his 50 year old mum and has been used by thousands of people who have gone on to run 5k, 10 k and more.
We will also be learning about healthy eating for teenagers and cooking nutritious food for runners!
Dance You will be able to take part in a variety of competitions such throughout the year. You will also be able to build skills throughout the sessions and gain a better understanding of what is required to be a performer in the dance industry. You will be taught technique lessons and develop physical and expressive skills required for the stage. You will also  enjoy a range of styles and work with a variety of people/choreographers in order to improve your dance ability.
Enterprise group How good is your business acumen? Do you have plans to start your own business? This group will explore making and running small enterprises to learn how to make useful products and services.
Fashion Illustration Over the course you will build up a portfolio of work that covers many areas of fashion illustration. Every week you will research the theme create a mood board of images then this is used to inform and inspire your clothing designs.
Film Appreciation club Do you like to watch and analyse films, then this if for you? You will watch a variety of films and critique certain parts of them, for example; lighting, heroes & villains, music, sound effects, narrative structure. Over the course you will watch films from the following genres: classic Hollywood, science-fiction, 80s teen, musical, documentary film, animation, fantasy.
Great British Bake off This is a 1 year course and will repeat tasks from last year. Each fortnight there will be a technical challenge when a new skill is introduced.  You have to be resilient to make your technical challenge product from the recipe given. Then the week after you use your resilient reflections to improve or develop the recipe for showcase week which is judged by a member of staff. You have to work in teams to clean and to give feedback but also independently to follow their own recipes.
History in Film You will analyse a variety of films and explore how History has been represented within it.  Are the films inspired by actual events or based on real life events? How have historical events been depicted over time? How are historical events depicted in film in different countries?
Horse Riding – £15 Horse riding enriches you by providing you with many opportunities to learn new skills, many unique to equestrianism. Attributes such as adaptability, teamwork, resilience and dedication are transferable to many professions and horse riding challenges and strengthens these things constantly.
Illustration Over the course you will build up a portfolio of work that covers many areas of illustration. Every week you will research the theme create a mood board of images then this is used to inform and inspire your designs.
Junior Sports Leader Course This course will help you improve your leadership skills and make you stand out during all sports. It will help you improve communication skills, Leadership of others, organisation of time and equipment, knowledge of sports and how to develop a person’s ability.
Kick Boxing Some of the skills needed in kick boxing can be difficult to achieve. Only through being resilient and through sheer determination will a you be successful in developing such skills. Kick boxing involves resilience of the mind as well as resilience of the body. If you fancy a new challenge that work all aspects of your body that this is it.
Mountain Biking @ Leeds urban bike park – £6 During your year you will improve your off-road biking skills on all terrains in all weathers. The professional coaches will guide you around the course focusing on all details needed by a world class mountain biker
Netball – By selection Some pupils will be selected for the Academy. These pupils get the opportunity to represent the school in the Academy and strive to be the best. Along with training and playing, there are also team building trips and national tours.
Photography During this course you will develop your skills to take great photos and make them into masterpieces. You will develop your skills on Photoshop and make many unique pieces.
Rugby – By selection Some pupils will be selected for the Academy. These pupils get the opportunity to represent the school in the Academy and strive to be the best. Along with training and playing, there are also team building trips and national tours.
Science Experiment Club You will develop your experimental skills and practical techniques to a high standard and take part in experiments you may not have the time to do in class. You will focus practical aspects from all 3 sciences. Some of the experiments you will be doing are not approached until separate science at GCSE or A-Level. You will also have a say in what you experiment on, if you have a thought or an idea it could be the next weeks experiment.
Skiing – £13 Improve your skiing at all levels on real snow. No matter if you are a novice or an expert, you can improve on this course. Qualified instructors will take you from the beginner slopes to the half pipe in the year.
Songwriting Make songs from all genres, find riffs that go with lyrics. If you can hum it, you can write it.
Swimming – £3 Get a great workout and improve your skills in the pool too. There will also be opportunities to learn essential lifesaving skills too.
Textiles You will be taught a number of textiles and art based skills which aren’t currently taught in KS3.  You will explore a wide range of materials from melting plastics and using a sewing machine to add detail and texture, to using equipment such as the embellisher machine to produce felted fabrics and the sublimation printer to print fabrics you have designed themselves.  You will also further develop their creativity by researching textiles artist that they might not otherwise know about.
Video Game Design Are you creatively minded when it comes to computers? Do you think you could make the next Sonic or Fortnight? If so you need to do Video Game Design. You will start from the basics of design and over the year progress to more advanced tools and platforms to make your own games.
World music instrument making  Making musical instruments from other cultures will give you an opportunity to learn about these cultures and how their history has developed the design of the instruments. You will be encouraged to work collaboratively and individually to explore and how different countries use, make and record music, how music has been used to communicate messages historically and how music from other cultures has been introduced into the western world.
Youth Parliament From Brerxit to Westminster. If you’re interested in what goes on in the country and would like to learn how to have your say, or even have aspirations to be an MP then pick this. The topics will range from the hot topics of the day to how parliament has made changes to society.
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