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Business Year 9:

Summer/Autumn Term

At Key Stage 3 students can take a pre-option in Business. This term students in Year 9 will start to study Branding, Scarcity and Finance.

  • Branding
    • What is a brand?
    • What features make a brand successful?
    • How can a brand help a business?
    • Produce your own brand
  • Finance
    • Costs – Fixed and variable
    • Sales revenue and profit
    • Break even analysis
    • Cake Game
    • Evaluation

Spring/Summer Term

At Key Stage 3 students can take a pre-option in Business & Economics. This term students in Year 9 will start to study Marketing, the Subway Challenge and Enterprise

  • Subway Challenge
    • Introduction to business and design
    • Research – Primary and secondary methods
    • Plan and design a Subway sandwich
    • Produce your creation
    • Evaluate
  • Enterprise
    • Business ideas and entrepreneurship
    • Develop a product idea
    • Marketing mix
    • Make your idea a reality
    • Enterprise Day
    • Evaluate


GCSE Business

At Key Stage 4 students follow the Edexcel GCSE Business Studies Specification. This term students in Year 10 will study Theme 1: Investigating small business. In Year 11 students will study Theme 2: Building a business. The assessment for this qualification is broken down into two exams each representing 50% of the final grade, which is taken at the end of year 11.

The focus points and specified content, as specified by the exam board, are as follows:

Theme 1: Investigating small business

  • Topic 1.1 Enterprise and entrepreneurship
    • The dynamic nature of business
    • Risk and reward
    • The role of business enterprise
  • Topic 1.2 Spotting a business opportunity
    • Customer needs
    • Market research
    • Market segmentation
    • The competitive environment
  • Topic 1.3 Putting a business idea into practice
    • Business aims and objectives
    • Revenues, costs and profits
    • Cash flow
    • Sources of finance
  • Topic 1.4 Making the business effective
    • Options for start-up and small businesses
    • Location
    • The marketing mix
    • Business plans
  • Topic 1.5 Understanding external influences on business
    • Stakeholders
    • Technology and business
    • The economy and business
    • External influences


Theme 2: Building a business

  • Topic 2.1 Growing the business
    • Business growth
    • Changing aims and objectives
    • Globalisation
    • Ethics, the environment and business
  • Topic 2.2 Making marketing decisions
    • Product
    • Price
    • Promotion
    • Place
    • Using the marketing mix to make business decisions
  • Topic 2.3 Making operational decisions
    • Business operations
    • Working with suppliers
    • Managing quality
    • The sales process
  • Topic 2.4 Making financial decisions
    • Business calculations
    • Understanding business performance
  • Topic 2.5 Making human resource decisions
    • Organisational structures
    • Effective recruitment
    • Effective training and development
    • Motivation


Homework: Students can expect to be set homework occasionally to reinforce topic areas. Tasks may include research, reading or writing. If, for any reason, homework is not set pupils should use the resources they have been given or the revision guide to revise topics already covered.

Assessment: Assessment takes place through practice exam tasks and essays set in class and for homework. Grades and targets for assessments should be recorded on the student’s record sheet, in the front of their exercise book. Public examination of this unit will take place in the summer term of Year 11.


Departmental Staff

Miss Bates – [email protected]

Mrs Biscombe 



The business department runs a school smoothie bar and various challenges over the academic year including; fantasy stock market, enterprise challenges and external competitions. Students will have the opportunity to participate in all these activities if desired.


Support Your Child – Useful links and advice

A useful website for all students, this includes videos and help guides to walk students through a variety of tasks.

This website is excellent or all students and provides many resources to support students understanding of business.

An excellent resource for educational clips and information.

We also encourage students to purchase a revision guide and work book from the exam board that can be used at home to support the learning in school.

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