Christmas Draw



Regular attendance at school is essential to ensure uninterrupted progress and to enable children to extend their potential.

At Rodillian Academy we place great importance on good attendance and as a school we look to raise levels of achievement by encouraging the highest levels of attendance, punctuality. Research shows that there is a clear link between attendance and pupil attainment and well-being.

Rodillian Academy’s target is 97% or above. 98% For Year 7

In the 1st Half Term we achieved 97.1%.

This is due to many pupils having regular good attendance.


Running from 01 December through to 18 December
Prizes to be won for the full 14 school days
Any pupil present in school will go into the draw and providing they are in school on the following day can win prizes.
*Anyone not in school the following day will forfeit the prize.

Attendance Draw Winners

Day 1

Harvey Williamson
Alexander Fish
Jamie Brownridge
Joel Kelvin
Ellie Bartrop

Day 2

James Doody
Thomas Blohm Pain
Bethany Smalley*
Morgan Lynas
Megan Emery

Day 3

Lucy Bond
Madison Whiteley
Thomas Wilkinson
Ellie Dalby
Lewis Firbank

Day 4

Kayley Lawrence
Daniel Blackburn
Ellis Smithson
Ben Roberts
Afrika Yearwood

Day 5

Erin Rothwell Wood
Louis Burrows
George Scott Booth
Jasmine Peel
Calum Carey

Day 6

Tegan Taylor
Abbie Hart
Kirsty Beecroft
Jessica Siddons
Alexandra Saunderson

Day 7

Ellie Evans
Joshua Mallon
Luke Owen
Jodi Miller
Leah Farrar

Day 8

Daisy Crowther
Abbie Leigh Halliday
Joseph Maloney
Ellie McNicholas
Olivia Horsman

Day 9

Ellie Smith
Ellie Lewis
Zak Moore
Aaron Dawes
Joshua Mace
Taylor Holt
Ethan Denby
Charlotte Gregg
Cameron Liversidge
Freddie Rain

Day 10

Tanisha Jackson
Max Dalby
Laura Bond
Kosi Anyiam
Billy Dixon

Day 11

Jac Jenson
Jack Gallagher
Ellie Tatterson
Finlay McPherson
Jonathan Gath

Day 12

Sebastian Downing
Ross Cassidy
Branton Clarke
Jake Newell
Lucy Hooton

Day 13

Dillon Haggerty
Courtney Cawood
Matthew Kyle
Shane Hayward
Matthew Hambleton

100% Attendance Winners
from 1 Dec 2015 to 18 Dec 2015

Jodi Smithson
Lily Hardie
Evangelina Alexander
Levi Eggleston
Hathan Wilby

*Anyone not in school the following day will forfeit the prize.

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