hollyRegular attendance at school is essential to ensure uninterrupted progress and to enable children to extend their potential.
At Rodillian Academy we place great importance on good attendance and as a school we look to raise levels of achievement by encouraging the highest levels of attendance, punctuality. Research shows that there is a clear link between attendance and pupil attainment and well-being.

Rodillian Academy’s target is 96% or above.

In the 1st Half Term we achieved 96.8%.

This is due to our many pupils having regular good attendance.


Running from 01 December through to 19 December
Prizes to be won for the full 15 school days
Any pupil present in school will go into the draw and providing they are in school on the following day can win prizes.
Anyone not in school the following day will forfeit the prize.

Attendance Advent Calendar Winners

Day 1

7GCN Dalyia Gannon
8DFR Kai Pilkington
9OHT Jenna Howarth
10KEN Paige Elsom
11KCH Poppy Robbins

Day 2

7LMH Alana Roberts
8DGN William Hambling
9OYS Adam Freeman
10TDN Lewis Firbank
11EHN Kieran Patterson

Day 3

7OWP Michelle Gwasira
8DGN Kayla Donnelly
9OHT Kieran Stammers
10KPT Kayleigh Butcher
11COO Chloe Reeves

Day 4

7AFH Gloria Lindolva Ndofula
8SWS Chloe Donohue
9SLN Conner Wilson
10KEN Elias Chadwick
11KCH Owen Kelly

Day 5

7GCN Mason Burgess
8DFR Joshua Fothergill
9ACN Samuel Reynolds
10PTR Emily Porter
11ENH Megan Brown

Day 6

Due to the training day
These result will be drawn on the last day of term.
This means more prizes to be won on the last day.

Day 7

7LMH Grace Mills
8SWS Brandon Beasley
9RCE Kathryn Collinson
10TDN Bethany Bainbridge
11RHS Samantha Bradburn

Day 8

7OWP Amber Sharp
8SPN Ellie Burnell
9RCK Jake Newell
10SNS Bethany Carter
11KCH Ray Young

Day 9

7AWS Madison Whiteley
8SWS Ellie Jade Frost
9ACN Thomas Rush
10ADN Ellie Branfoot
11ENH Brogan Williamson

Day 10

7CKO Mason Morris
8DFR Ebony Stocks
9SLN Georgia Anthony
10SNS Callum Dawber
11JST Josh Haley

Day 11

7AFH Nicholas Denton
8DFR Courtney Harrison
9MGO Callum Cassidy
10ADN Lucy Tinker
11ENH Rebecca Kabwe

Day 12

7LPS Aimee Powers
8VDN Ben Stokes
9OYS Daniel Brennan
10RWS Jazmin Senior
11KCH Alex Holloway

Day 13

7AFH Leah Metcalf
8SPN Kieran Clarke
9OHT Charlotte Gluck
10TDN Jessica Horne
11KCH Amber Whitwell

Day 14

7MFR Heather Nork
8KMY Joseph Saint
9SLN Grace Burrow
10SNS Shannon Peck
11RHS Amber Carruthers

Day 15

100% Attendance Throughout The Calendar Period

These winners will receive a £25 gift voucher.
7HAE Samuel Wade
8BBS Daniel Prescott
9MGO Andre Jiri
10SNS Kyle Finister
11AHO Holly Todd

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