Attendance Draw Pizza Party

1Best Attended From Groups Pizza Party!

Each half term, the best awarded form will invited to a VIP (Very Important Pupil) event to celebrate being in the best attending form in their year group.
Ms Baker issued VIP passes to each pupil in the form to invite them to the party.











To a background of music, disco lights and mirror balls, VIPs were provided with pizzas, chocolates and sweets.
VIPs were also able to play on Wii games too.
Winning forms were:
Year 7 – 7.3, 99.9%
Year 8 – 8.4, 98.4%
Year 9 – 9.7, 99.1%
Year 10 – 10.3, 98.6%
Year 11 – 11.1 & 11.8 both 98.1%



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Forms are already competing for the next VIP invite which will be at Christmas, so all to play for in the next few weeks!
Remember…Every Lesson Counts at Rodillian!
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