6th Form Sports Academy Students Support English Lessons

At the Rodillian Rugby Academy, discipline is sacred in all areas of sporting preparation.  Training, Strength and Conditioning, personal fitness goals; we know that it’s the preparation that you do BEFORE the match that impacts the results you get during it.  With this in mind, the ethos of the Sports Academy is to promote these skills in all aspects of school life and show that preparation is just as important in academic studies as it is on the field.

As part of the Sports Academy, the Year 12 pupils who are members of the First XV have worked alongside the English Department in bringing their training and preparation ethos into English.  Eight pupils (we can name them here if you want) have given up early mornings and free periods to work with Y7 members of the Rugby Academy and actively promote academic preparation and resilience through reading.  The pupils work both in the early morning Rise and Read sessions and in timetabled Library lessons to promote reading and reading strategies as a way of maximising academic performance.

The Y7 pupils who have benefited from this scheme have been highly vocal in their appreciation.  HT was surprised ‘that rugby players can be good at English too’ and CC said ‘My Accelerated Reading lessons are now more fun and I’m getting better.  Sam helped me find some books that I really liked.’ 

The cross curricular project has been active since Christmas and is scheduled to continue throughout the rest of the year.

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