3rd VIP Attendance Event

3rd VIP Half Term Attendance Event

Ms Baker was pleased to celebrate with the winning forms for the 3rd VIP (Very Important Pupil) event this year. This year’s theme was an American themed Hot Dog and Doughnut Party.

Each form was a credit to the school, as they were fantastically behaved and ate us out of sausages! As well as the food and drink, there were music videos playing on a big screen, disco lights and balloons (and balloon games!).

The winning forms who had best attendance in the third half term were:
7.2 – 99.40%
8.7 – 99.07%
9.2 – 99.44%
10.7 – 99.60%
11.3 – 97.43%

Which are amazing!!!!

Mr Levick cooked over 300 sausages and Mr Wootton and Mrs Heap helped serve and create the party atmosphere.

Remember, the new league starts now, so make sure you are attending to make sure you are in with a chance to be invited to the 4th VIP Half Term Event

  • The first theme was a Pizza Party…
  • The second theme was a Mexican Fiesta Party…
  • The third theme was an American Hot dog and doughnut Party…
  • What will be next?!

Remember, Every Lesson Counts….

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