10 Days of Christmas

Good attendance is vital for progress at the Rodillian Academy, so as an extra treat we are adding something new this Christmas. In addition to the Live Draw, there will also be an extra attendance drive, based (very) loosely on the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’.

• At the end of every day, the names of students who attended that day will be drawn, starting tomorrow with 10 students, Tuesday 9 students, Wednesday 8 students and so on.
• They will be presented with their prize the next morning in form.
• An email will also be sent informing staff of winners.
• There will be a total of 55 prizes, decreasing in quantity as they increase in value….up to the final day draw of one prize of a £40 voucher to be spent in Trinity Leeds.
In summary, being in school over the next two weeks can mean any child could get a reward for any day they are in, and in theory could win more than once.

star_badge star_badge Winners! star_badge star_badge
Prize Date attended for the
full day to be eligible
No of winners Names of winners
10 Dining queue jumps Monday 9th December 10 Samuel Wilkinson 8.4
Ebony Gordon 9.9
Ellie Addy 8.2
Olivia Tong 9.2
Brandon Austin 8.8
Mason Bolton 8.5
Matthew Ambleton 9.5
Millie Avallone 11.4
George Walton 10.4
Vickie McCluskey 8.4
9 Free hot breakfasts Tuesday 10th December 9 Charlotte Wearmouth 10.9
Ethan Swithenbank 9.5
Lydia O’Neill 8.5
Kamsi Anyiam 8.4
Joshua Benson 9.7
Oliver Maundrill 7.8
Samuel Benton 7.4
Josh Sowrey 8.7
Rosie Gill 10.5
8 Buns and Smoothies Wednesday 11th December 8 Laura Bond 7.5
Josh Fothergill 7.2
Jessica Lodge 8.9
Harry Handley 7.7
Reigan Rudd 10.1
Jessica Healey-Quinn 9.6
Alexandra Saunderson 9.5
Callum Batty 9.9
7 Selection Boxes Thursday 12th December 7 Amanda Hardwick 11.2
Ellie Addy 8.2
Jakob Zielinski 8.8
Joseph Broadhead 8.3
Kailum Sandison 8.7
Ben Chadwick 11.1
Thomas Quigley 11.4
6 Lunchtime Bookings Friday 13th December 6 Callum Ward 11.4
Connor Dockerty 11.2
Ellis Peach 10.9
Charlotte Rex 8.6
Thomas Macintyre 7.8
Olivia Gray 10.3
5 Gift sets Monday 16th December 5


Austin Lee 8.6
Jasmin Lunn 7.5
Rebecca Stubley 10.3
Rebecca Armstrong 8.1
Megan Parker 8.4


Callum Carey 9.5
James Smith 11.1
Aiden Ward 7.3
Lewis Firbank 9.5
Samuel Benton 7.4

4 Cinema vouchers Tuesday 17th December 4 Reece Davies 8.9
Jordan Dunwell 10.4
Afrika Yearwood 9.7
Courtney Oxlee 11.3
3 Ice Rink tickets Wednesday 18th December 3 Lily May Marshall 8.9
Grace Burrow 8.6
Lucy Smalley 7.9
2 meals at Nandos Thursday 19th December 2 Joshua Wilkinson 10.4
Jodi Miller 8.1
1 £40 Trinity voucher! Friday 20th December 1 Jasmine Uttley 11.7
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